Balancing heavy objects

Lifting heavy objects
Restraining with a constant force
Pulling and pushing with a constant force
Photo enlargers
X-ray equipment balancers
Vertical opening and closing of door windows
Adjusting the heads of ventilation fans
Adjusting the vertical movement of hair dryers
Stands for medical instruments

Electric motor brush holders
Vending machine product dispensers
Conveyor belt slackness prevention
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Audio-video equipment remote control pressing
Data card feed
Staple feed
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Model N Conston
Winding with a constant torque
Rotating with a constant torque

Balancing heavy objects

Pocket shavers
Bus destination banner winders
Automatic windup reels for electric cord, hose, etc.
Safety belt retracter

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Spring motors for toys

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Tool balancers
Lighting pendants
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When main spring rotation is inadequate Heavy lids

Windup of float-type level gauges
Long-length cord reels
Stroke detection uses

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NH-type Conston mounted on lid hinges lightens the burden of opening and closing lids.

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We are ready to design springs geared to your needs.
Please let us know the followings:
* Purpose
* Required force (kg or torque)
* Operating stroke (or number of turns) and set length
* Fatigue life (number of times)
* Size of the mounting space and environment (temperature, humidity, vibration, shock, etc.)
* Quantity to be produced